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Commercial Cooling in Weatherford, TX

Air Conditioning & Heating Services Trusted for 20+ Years

AC Works 365 proudly serves commercial customers throughout Weatherford, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We provide the best heating and cooling solutions to keep your properties running smoothly.


Running mechanical equipment can raise temperatures, leading to discomfort for occupants and increasing air conditioning costs. AC Works 365 uses state-of-the-art technology to provide cooling that significantly saves on energy costs while providing exceptional comfort for tenants. Call us for AC repairs, AC installations, and maintenance!

AC Works 365 Commercial
AC Works 365 Commercial

We all know how cold environments can negatively impact productivity, morale, and health. Ensure quality heating for your employees. We can assist you with your building's commercial heating in Weatherford, TX.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality degrades due to contaminants in the operating home or business environment. Pollutants generated by stock, equipment, building materials, and cleaning chemicals can be irritating or life-threatening. Our heating and air conditioning services help minimize the risk of contaminant-related health issues.

AC Works 365 Commercial
AC Works 365 Commercial

A simple lack of maintenance causes most HVAC system failures. However, regular maintenance services can help identify potential equipment failures before they become critical. AC Works 365 experts will create a customized preventative maintenance plan to keep your systems running smoothly.

As-Built Survey

At AC Works 365 we understand that you would like an easy approach plan, and our team can deliver accurate as-built surveys. We visit your site and note what HVAC equipment is currently in place. This is important for us to be able to know what you have. 

AC Works 365 Commercial
AC Works 365 Commercial

If a new commercial construction project is on the horizon, getting your HVAC system right from the start saves you money and headaches down the road. We do more than just installation and repair services. At AC Works 365, we help you create a top-notch system that keeps you comfortable and saves energy.

AC Works 365 Commercial

Over time, even the most well-designed commercial HVAC systems start to show their age. So when a remodel or upgrade is in order, AC Works 365 will develop a customized design that fits your building's needs and saves you money.

AC Works 365 Commercial

Property Management

No tenant wants subpar HVAC service. At AC Works 365, we understand that complete customer satisfaction is the key to happy tenants and long-term return business. We're excited to work with commercial property owners in Ft. Worth to help them keep tenants satisfied and earn their trust.

Project Management
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Reliable Commercial HVAC Services In Weatherford, TX

When you choose AC Works 365 for your building's HVAC maintenance and services, you can rest assured that we respect your property at all times.

If you're having issues with your commercial HVAC system in Fort Worth, Texas, our experienced team can help.

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